Kintsugi Workshop & Fundraising Event

June 12, 2021 | 2-4 PM EST | Zoom

Embracing the Brokenness: A Guided Kintsugi Workshop
A fundraising event for WCSI – suggested donation $5 – $25
Hosted by WCSI and led by Joy Bell, RN

This past year has been anything but easy. The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged and broken many of us in many different ways. If you would like to join a conversation and demonstration focused on picking those pieces back up, please join our guided Kintsugi Workshop on June 12 from 2-4 EST via zoom.

In an interactive and meditative experience, through the ancient Japanese practice of Kintsugi, we will explore the art of brokenness and what it means to you.

Space is limited, so let us know if you are interested in attending by completing the form below.

Please note that participation requires some self-procured materials. More information below.


Registration closed.

  • A broken item* (smallish-teacup/saucer/plate) or an item you’re willing to break (ceramic preferable).
  • Superglue
  • Gold or sliver paint
  • Paper plate/dish to hold paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic grocery bag and paper lunch bag (or two plastic bags)
  • Newspaper/tablecloth/tarp (to cover and protect workspace) — optional
  • Hammer (to help break item) — optional

*A great option would be to find something at a thrift shop. Please do not bring something of significant financial or sentimental value.



2-2:05  — Opening meditation
2:05-2:15 — Group introductions
2:15-2:25 — Kintsugi background presentation/share TikTok video
2:25-2:30 — Break/prep for craft

Main Event:

2:30 — Break our pots/cups/plates
2:30-3:00 — Gluing/repairing with open group discussion: brokenness/flaws and how to see them from the other side
3:00-3:25 — Painting the cracks with open group discussion and interspersed with affirmations and guided discussion to tie back to Caritas Processes
3:25-3:30 — Break/clean up


3:30-3:50 — Group sharing of final product/experience reflection/concluding discussion
3:50-4:00 — Closing meditation

About your host

(Suzanna) Joy Bell, BSN, RN, CCRN

Practicing the art and science of nursing in a Pediatric ICU in Northern Virginia for the entire 13 years since earning my BSN has led me to be energetic and incredibly passionate about the holistic care I provide to the tiny humans I have the privilege to protect. In May 2019, I attended the founding meeting of Inova’s Holistic Care Council, where, by the end of the meeting, I had been offered the opportunity to co-chair. In this role, I have made many presentations, including mindfully opening and closing every council meeting. I have grown into a leader on my unit, frequently serving in the Charge Nurse role, and I am a facilitator of the Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Fellowship. I have recently completed Healing Touch levels 1 & 2, obtained my CCRN certification, and am currently working toward my HNB-BC certification. I currently reside in Northern VA with my husband of over 12 years, two sons ages 6 and 4, and two dogs. When I’m not at work, you can find me hosting parties and get-togethers from casual to formal, catching a play or musical in DC at the Kennedy Center or in NYC on Broadway (all pre-Covid, of course), and indulging in many different kinds of crafts.