Celebrating Caritas Colleague Joseph Giovannoni

March 2020

We continue to highlight our Caritas Colleagues and share their contribution and commitment to Caring Science. This month we are celebrating: Joseph Giovannoni, DNP, APRN-Rx, PMHCNS-BC, WCSI Post Doc Scholar

Open your heart to something greater and trust the outcome. We are born with divine consciousness.

Areas of Expertise
  • Adult Mental Health Nursing, Treatment of Sexual Abuse Victims and Offenders
  • Forensic Nursing

I was diagnosed with cancer of the throat in November 2018 and had two surgical procedures and radiation therapy. Recovery has been a challenge and utilizing Caring Science micro-practices helped me maintain self-compassion and equanimity. Caring Science sustained me to cope with pain without suffering and prevented me from becoming dependent on addictive analgesics. The diagnosis of cancer was a monumental event in my life which allowed me to embody and practice Caring Science and Jean Watson’s Ten Caritas Processes® with those who crossed my path on my journey to recovery.

On my one year anniversary of being diagnosed and treated for throat cancer, I traveled to Mount Fuji. This video is a reflection of how I integrated Dr. Jean Watson’s Caring Science theory to support my treatment and ongoing recovery.

The Infinity of Universal Love from Joseph Giovannoni on Vimeo.

Contribution to the Legacy of Caring Science

I specialize in the treatment of victims of sex abuse, and convicted sex offenders who have been court-ordered to undergo evidence-based treatment. As a reflection of over 35 years working with my patients, I discovered that, without human caring and compassion for the men I work with, and their victims, good outcomes are less likely.

Caring Science helped me developed a sense of humanity and compassion toward sexually violent men. Since I became a WCSI Caring Science Scholar, my focus has been to encourage other stakeholders on the treatment team to embrace the concept that everyone has the right to be treated with human dignity. Being role models of caring while setting limits with consideration for community safety, gave my patients a better chance to develop their own sense of compassion for self and concern for others. My treatment methodology is based on empirically validated best practices such as cognitive behavioral groups (Marshall & Laws, 2003). Concern for others has been identified in sex offender risk assessment as an important factor in treatment (Hanson & Harris, 2000). Victims of sexual abuse also need help to transition from the trauma of becoming victimized to being a survivor through self compassion and self-care


Honolulu, Hawaii USA

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