Watson Caring Science Postdoctoral/Senior Scholar Program

Postdoctoral/Senior Scholar Program

The Watson Caring Science Postdoctoral/Senior Scholar Program – designed for two options:

  1. Formal Postdoctoral Study for one year program
  2. Watson Caring Science Senior Scholar Program – open to participation on annual basis. (Register with donation to WCSI.)

These Watson Caring Science Postdoctoral Scholar Program options provide a unique opportunity for selected Postdoctoral students and Watson Caring Science Senior Scholars to come together with focused interest and desire to study directly with Dr. Watson in an intimate personal setting in Boulder, Colorado. It is designed, allowing for deeply personal/professional integration and extension of one’s original scholarship and professional goals into Unitary Caring Science as Sacred Science – an interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary field of study and practice.

  July 5-8, 2020 Program
  1. Postdoctoral Study – open to nurses/health science professionals who wish a customized intensive Postdoctoral Unitary Caring Science program of study. Postdoctoral applicants – follow the guidelines for application and project goals below.
  2. Watson Caring Science Senior Scholar Program.* This program welcomes and integrates seasoned Watson Caring Science Postdocs and Senior Caring Science Scholars, along with current Postdoctoral Watson Caring Science Students for rich focus in Unitary Caring Science with Dr. Watson.

*For returning Postdocs and seasoned scholars – your registration is a $600 contribution to Watson Caring Science Institute.

NOTE: July 9th is available as a flex day if you require additional time.

Application Deadline — May 16, 2020

The 2020 applications for both Watson Postdoctoral & Caring Science Scholar Program is open for acceptance of applications directly to Dr. Watson.


This program is based upon an expanding/evolving world view with a global ethical starting point for Unitary Caring Science as Sacred Science. Through this program, Dr. Watson invites deep exploration of Values, Ethic of ‘Belonging’, purposive scholarship of the philosophy and science of human caring-healing-health for self/other/planet. The Postdoctoral/Scholar Program is grounded in an evolving consciousness of our shared humanity and one world. This exclusive program is open to applicants who wish to further their study and knowledge of Unitary Caring Science as a guide to an enlightened-unitary, sacred model of science for education, practice, research, and leadership.

Requirements for Postdoctoral Acceptance

  • a two-page narrative that speaks to the extent of your scholarly experiences and that captures your personal goals, motivation, intentional focus and desired outcomes as a Watson Caring Science Scholar.

  • Outline the core elements of your program of study plan, with the expectation of finalizing the plan with Dr. Watson. (We can finalize this once you are accepted and we allow for authentic dialogue and planning). Examples may include:

    • Develop a program of creative scholarship, caring inquiry, enlightened models for education, clinical scholarship-practice
      • Complete an agreed-to personal/professional project or proposal for funding
        • Co-create a joint caring science project among the Caring Science Scholars in the program
          • Ontological inquiry of self/cultural practices, translating discovery into professional programs/directions
            • Submit articles for publication or a book on your area of interest
              • Develop workshops and/or a workbook; create a video documentary
                • Other self-generated field of creative scholarship inspired and informed by Unitary Caring Science as Sacred Science and purposive personal pursuits.

                  • POSTDOCTORAL PROGRAM: Requires two, one-week intensive on-site study in intimate setting with Dr. Watson in Boulder, Colorado, in July each year followed up with personal, guided contact with Dr. Watson for full program.
                    Please email your required documents to Jean Watson, jean@watsoncaringscience.org by May 16th for July 2020 program.

                  Postdoctoral Application fee

                  Please submit a $50 non-refundable application fee to begin the process.

                  Returning Postdocs & Senior Scholars Contribution

                  Please submit a $600 contribution for your program registration.

                  Tuition Payment Schedule

                  Postdoctoral — Tuition based on academic calendar year: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021:  $8,800

                  Postdoctoral Payment Plan Options



                  1 Installment
                  • Due July 1st
                  Submit Payment



                  2 Installments
                  • Includes $50 surcharge per payment
                  • Due July 1st
                  • Due January 1st
                  Submit Payment



                  4 Installments
                  • Includes $50 surcharge per payment
                  • Due July 1st
                  • Due October 1st
                  • Due January 1st
                  • Due April 1st
                  Submit Payment

                  *Late Fee: for all payment plan options, a fee of $75 will be charged for every month the tuition payment is received after the 15th of the month due.

                  For more information contact Dr. Watson    jean@watsoncaringscience.org.