New Book Announcement: Modern Sutras from Nurses; Finding Peace

April 2023 — Deerfield, FL — Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) is proud to announce the latest publication from Lotus Library, Modern Sutras from Nurses: Finding Peace. This self-care book is co-edited by Dr. Jean Watson, Founder Director, Watson Caring Science Institute, and Dr. Sean M. Reed, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado College of Nursing.

Sutras are brief, aphoristic compositions of ancient teachings — the way of spiritual elders; highly laden energetic words or phrases that point to spiritual truths. Sutras in nursing and healthcare can serve as ancient universal truths to live and evolve by, uniting with consciousness for caring and healing.

“Who better to help our collective healing and recovery? These nurses and caregiver’s narratives are an offering to humanity; providing a platform in which to reflect on our own beliefs and values.”
~ Jean Watson

In recent years, Dr. Watson has coined her own aphorisms as ‘Seven Sacred Sutras’ which includes words such as silence and surrender. Inspired by Watson’s Sutras, this book was lovingly dreamed up by a group of postdocs, senior scholars, and students from Watson’s Caring Science as Sacred Science course. They include nurses and care professionals from across the nation:

Karen White-Trevino, Jennifer Drake, Debby Flickinger, Danielle Leone-Sheehan, Gloria Littlemouse, Julie Piazza, Priscilla Javed, Patricia Crispi, Natalya Yim, and Rita Romito-DiGiacomo.

The authentic sharing of personal truths will inspire, delight, and comfort the reader of all ages and professions. They offer breadths of quietude for the busy mind. They can be read as useful tools in which to refer whenever life is overwhelming; a gift of service from Watson Caring Science colleagues to the world.

Available Here.

Paperback: 148 pages
Price: $24.99; eBook $10.00
Publisher: Lotus Library (an imprint of WCSI)
ISBN: 9798218187989
Language: English
Product Dimensions 5.06 × .432 × 7.8 in
ISBN EPub 9798218187972

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