News from WCSI Distinguished Affiliate Stanford Health

Distinguished WCSI Affiliate CNO Dale Beatty, Stanford Medicine Health Care, shares his recent newsletter to Stanford Nurse & Interprofessionals:

Dale writes:

As we continue to live out our organization’s principles of healing humanity through science and compassion, one patient at a time, exemplifying compassionate care at the core of healing and healthcare. I am pleased to share with you the progressive empowerment of structures and programs that support our intentions of integrating our organization’s principles aligned with our professional practice model and nursing theory, the humanistic Caring Science theory of Dr. Jean Watson.

Our Professional Practice Model, founded upon the Humanistic Caring Science Theory of Dr. Jean Watson, reflects our commitment to humanistic compassionate care, excellence, and global impact in healthcare. We have expanded beyond the nursing profession to create a collective interdisciplinary model embodying the essence of a caring community. We are honored to see how our commitment to this theory has grown, providing a foundation for the care we provide and creating meaningful relationships with our patients, our interprofessional teams, and our community.

As we continue our journey and recovery post-pandemic, we are committed to strengthening our resilience and creating a culture that values human connection, diversity, belonging, and meaningful relationships. Our commitment to Watson’s Caring Science theory enhances our drive to meet the ever-evolving needs of our patients while maintaining the humanistic aspect of care toward self and others.

We proudly congratulate the 39 graduates of Stanford Health Care’s Caritas Humanistic Care Certificate Program Cohort 3, developed and led by Grissel Hernandez, PHD, MPH, RN, HNB-BC. This cohort represents a diverse group of healthcare professionals who delved into the Ten Caritas Processes®, with an emphasis on self-compassion and self-care. Dr. Jean Watson stated, “The Theory of Human Caring is founded in the principle that practicing kindness, compassion, and equanimity toward yourself is a process to go through before you can be caring, loving, and compassionate toward others.”

**** This cohort represents nurses and interprofessionals (i.e., rehab therapists, program managers, project coordinators, patient care coordinators, APCM, clinical informatics analyst, and other healthcare professionals) from across the enterprise inpatient, ambulatory, clinical services, including a representative from Stanford Medicine Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley.

Stanford Health Care’s Caritas Humanistic Care Certificate Program, hosted by CEPD in partnership with the Watson Caring Science Institute, is a testament to our commitment to creating a caring and compassionate community of healthcare professionals.

I am grateful for our ongoing inclusive partnership as we work together to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and caring community for ourselves, one another, and the patients and communities we serve. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our Professional Practice Model integrating Caring Science into our collective personal and professional vision and purpose.

With respect and admiration,

Dale E. Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Caritas Coach®
Chief Nurse Executive / Vice President – Patient Care Services
Stanford Medicine Health Care

Thank you Dale and all at Stanford Health!

This is an excellent example of how you can be the way — unifying the culture by embracing Watson’s Theory-based practice.

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