A Handbook for Caring Science: Expanding the Paradigm


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Editors: William Rosa, Sara Horton-Deutsch, Jean Watson

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A monumental compendium of Caring Science past, present, and future

This groundbreaking work is an encyclopedic reference on the full spectrum of Human Caring Science. With contributions from highly accomplished scholars and practitioners from six continents, it spans the evolution of Caring Science from its origins 40 years ago through its ongoing innovation and development and into the future. Comprehensive and in-depth, this resource brings multigenerational perspectives to Caring Science and demonstrates its ethical nursing applications across cross-cultural settings worldwide.

The book’s broad scope embodies the paradigm’s theoretical foundations, guidance from Caring Science educators and researchers, and practice insights from expert clinicians and administrators. It offers strategies to influence meaningful policy change, integrate principles throughout cross-cultural and global settings, and introduces inspiring voices from luminaries in coaching, Caring Science creative arts, spirituality, and self-care. The text clearly demonstrates how theories, frameworks, and paradigms are directly integrated into practice, research, and educational settings. Scholarly narratives and discourses on Caring Science will facilitate understanding of how to transform systems with a caring consciousness and ethically informed action. Chapters, consistently formatted to promote ease of comprehension, include exemplars with reflective questions and references.

Key Features:
  • Traces the history of Caring Science and merges it with current and future perspectives
  • Provides a “how-to” guide for understanding the integration of theories, frameworks, and paradigms into practice, research, and education
  • Distills a vision of how to transform systems with a caring consciousness and a commitment to ethically informed action
  • Enables readers to cross-reference Caring Science leaders across specialties
  • Illustrates Caring Science practice through case studies, examples, and discourses
  • Supports hospitals in procuring or maintaining ANCC Magnet certification
  • Identifies research and practice opportunities for readers to integrate Caring Science into their professional milieus