Shining the Light on All the Right


Celebrating the Art of Nursing Around the World

by Mark & Bonnie Barnes

Publisher: Scooter Publishing (2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0981778992

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“This book tells the story of how DAISY came to be – the whole story, in detail we never have told before. Why we as a family felt compelled to say thank you to nurses not only for their clinical excellence but for the humanity they show patients and families every day. How we pushed through obstacles with the love and support of those nurses and so many others to honor the memory of our Patrick. How all we wanted to do was shine a light on all our nurses gave him and us and give countless others every day. How the millions of nurses across the world have made DAISY the international nursing recognition program it is today.

This book is their story as much as ours.”

Mark & Bonnie Barnes
Co-Founders of The DAISY Foundation