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Watson Caritas Patient Score® (WCPS)

The Watson Caritas Patient Score® (WCPS) is a reliable and valid instrument used in hospitals and systems throughout the United States (and other parts of the world) to assess perspectives of caring practices of hospital staff, of colleagues and peers (with different versions).

NOTE:  All tools under development, except WCPS®. Reliability and validity evaluation in process.

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The instrument contains five critical caring questions, to assess authentic human caring practices. The items are derived from the 10 Caritas Processes® of Watson’s Human Caring Theory. The WCPS® is a 7 point Likert scale where individuals who complete the survey are asked to rate the frequency from never to always of caring practices they have experienced. Caring practices include:

  • providing care with loving kindness
  • having helping and trusting relationships
  • creating caring environments
  • meeting basic needs with dignity, and
  • valuing the patient’s personal beliefs and faith.

The scale has different versions and has been translated into several languages.

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