WCSI Welcomes VISN16 as our latest Affiliates

For Immediate Release

August 2022 — VISN 16 Watson Caring Science Affiliate Contract

The VISN 16 Chief Nursing Officer is excited to announce that VISN 16 has been welcomed as a Caritas Affiliate by the Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) as planned by the VISN 16 ELC as an FY22 Strategic Initiative. This affiliation will allow all VISN 16 facilities to participate with the Watson Caring Science Institute to strengthen the care delivery models at each VISN 16 Medical Center. All VISN 16 facilities will be able to participate as members of the VISN 16 Affiliate group, including quarterly meetings with all WCSI Affiliates to share and learn together about incorporating Caring Science/Caritas including the 10 Caritas Processes® into our Nursing care models. The incorporation of this model based on the philosophy and science of caring will assist nurses with planning and implementing purposeful care including human to human connection that yields positive outcomes for our Veterans. As the overarching framework for nursing practice, the model will guide nurses as they provide care, based on evidenced-based practices, quality patient outcomes and contributions to professional nursing practice. This framework will feed directly into the Care Delivery models utilized at VISN 16 Medical Centers. The care provided is guided and based on The Theory of Human Caring and is supportive of the VISN’s Whole Health goals. The Caritas principles are embedded into the nursing care delivered and the environment in which the nurses work. Our collaboration and consultative relationship with Dr. Jean Watson and the Watson Caring Science team will assist in weaving the Caritas Processes into our day-to-day activities and tasks surrounding the care delivered to our Veteran patients. VISN 16 Nursing staff will have the opportunity to express their feelings; deeply connect to the heart of Nursing—caring—and to their inner self to promote healing when necessary; and/or experience a caring moment through the Caritas’ avenues available in each VISN 16 Medical Center. Nurses can create positive patient outcomes by integrating the Caritas principles along with the 6 elements of a holistic safe zone into their daily professional practice to help meet the special needs of the Veteran. Examples should include, but not limited to, actively engaging the Veteran in their plan of care and decision making and applying evidence-based practice to all nursing interventions. The 6 elements of a holistic safe zone are: clinical excellence, patient safety, evidence-based practice, culture diversity, healthy work environment, trusting relationships.

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