WCSI Welcomes Unitek Learning as a Caring Science Academic Affiliate

Boulder, CO – September 2020 — Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Dr. Jean Watson are proud to announce Unitek Learning CA and NV, has been named a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate — one of the first academic/clinical systems to achieve formal affiliation of The Watson Caring Science Institute.

The designation recognizes Unitek Learning’s exemplary integration of Caring Theory and leadership commitment to offer informed Caring Science curriculum to their nursing students and clinical system.  Unitek Learning joins Samuel Merritt University as the only other academic institution to have received the prestigious National Caring Science Affiliate System recognition status. Unitek Learning joins only twelve other systems nationally, including Stanford Health, CA, Ascension St. John, MI, and Brigham & Women’s, MA to name a few.

“The invitation is based on Unitek’s status as one of the pioneering Caring Science Educational-Clinical programs in the country,” said Dr. Stephanie Robinson, Regional Associate Dean of the BSN Program in Fremont and Bakersfield. “It demonstrates Unitek Learning’s commitment to standards of excellence, to implement new visions of Caring Science, and to serve as a national exemplar for education and practice.”

Jean Watson, Founder, Director of WCSI said “It is my honor to invite Unitek to be nationally recognized and identified as a National Caring Science Academic – Clinical Affiliate. This designation distinguishes Unitek and its clinical partners as a national leader in creating and implementing a Caring Science curriculum not only for educating nurses, but also within professional practice for the public, in full collaboration with clinical agencies.”

This designation is based upon Unitek being one of the pioneering comprehensive Caring Science Educational-Clinical programs in the country. It affirms Unitek’s commitment to standards of excellence, to implement new visions of Caring Science, and serving as national exemplars to other systems for transforming education and practice.

To become a National Caring Science Affiliate System, Unitek Learning demonstrated to WCSI the authentically, deep-rooted and sustainable commitment to integrating Caring Science to transform and broaden whole person health and healing for its staff, patients, families and the surrounding community. >Learn more.

About Unitek Learning
Unitek Learning is the parent company of several distinguished learning institutions: Unitek College, Unitek EMT, Eagle Gate College, Provo College, and Brookline College. Unitek programs teach the clinical practices and theory used in the field today. Equipped with a multitude of sought-after skills, Unitek graduates are prepared to excel in many of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare and nursing. >Learn more.

About Watson Caring Science Institute
Watson Caring Science Institute is an international non-profit 501C(3) organization that advances the unitary philosophies, theories and practices of ‘Caring Science’, developed by Dr. Jean Watson, Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN). Caring Science is a transdisciplinary approach that incorporates the art and science of nursing and includes concepts from the fields of philosophy, ethics, ecology and mind-body-spirit medicine.

There are an estimated 400 hospitals throughout the USA in which their professional practice model is based upon Watson’s philosophy and theory of human Caring Science. There are less than 20 systems nationally to be designated a coveted WCSI Affiliate status. The institute has trained hundreds of Caritas Coaches® globally to translate the theory into concrete human-to-human practices that help to repattern the culture of healthcare, and other organizations whereby the practitioners ‘live out’ the theory in their professional and personal lives, improving patient care, and reducing staff burn out.

Focusing on research, education, practice, legacy and leadership, Watson Caring Science Institute aims to deepen the development and understanding of Caring Science and Caritas Practices, to dramatically transform patient/family experiences of caring and healing in schools, hospitals, the wider community and our planet. www.watsoncaringscience.org

About Jean Watson
Jean Watson is a Distinguished Professor Emerita and Dean Emerita of the University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing, where she held the Endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center. She is the founder of the original Center for Human Caring in Colorado and an American Academy of Nursing Fellow. Watson also is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the National Fetzer Institute Norman Cousins Award, an International Kellogg Fellowship in Australia, a Fulbright Research and Lecture Award in Sweden, and six international honorary doctorate degrees. Watson is the author of more than 100 publications in Caring Science and of more than 30 books on the Science of Human Caring™, including the classic: Nursing. The Philosophy and Science of Caring which identifies the 10 core “Caritas Processes®’, universals of human caring, necessary for studying and implementing a model of Caring Science in practice. This work restores the deep-spiritual dimensions of Love with caring-healing as the foundation for preparing a new level of practitioners in Caring Science/Caritas HealthCare.

For further info/press inquiries contact Julie Watson: julie@watsoncaringscience.org

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