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Background: Nurses from several Middle Eastern countries meet together at a nursing conference in Jordan. Participants from throughout the Middle East and the Gulf meet professionally to discuss common goals and obstacles. Our universal language is the same, the people we treat are the same, cultures are similar, and diseases are comparable. However, the political circumstances leave us globes apart. The distances are a few small kilometers and practice goals are identical. We talk together about sepsis guidelines, weaning protocols nurse role in disease prevention, health promotion and evidenced based models. What is the heart and focus of the health care that we provide? The key word is care.

We, the Middle Eastern Nurses and Partners working in Human Caring, all unite to promote living out the theory of Human Caring, to preserve dignity and harmony and a healing environment to all people of all nations.

We adhere to the practice and application of Watson’s “Caring Science/Caring theory; to translate theory into concrete, ethically guided, evidence-based approaches for self and others.” (Watson, 1988, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2012).

Authentic human-to-human caring is core to professional theory-guided, evidenced-based practices, and caring-healing relationships affecting patient/system outcomes. We therefore state, that nurses provide care to patients using the 10 Caritas Processes® factors as guides to advance authentic caring-healing and health for all.

The nurse approaches the patient holistically. Routine tasks and conventional care become holistic when utilizing Caritas Processes®. Sitting down with patients, holding their hand for a few minutes, maintaining eye contact, and providing reassurance are examples of practicing Watson’s theory.

It is very important that bedside nurses understand caring theory in depth in order to apply it in daily practice. Tasks performed by the nurses become routine and robotic, if they are performed without knowledge, compassion, intentionality, consciousness and authenticity. Nurses and patients need to be connected in such a way that caring and loving relationships occur between them to enhance healing.

We, Middle Eastern Nurses and Partners in Human Caring, dedicate ourselves to continual personal/professional development by scholarly actions to advance practice.

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Dallas Smith partner with WCSI and ‘Middle Eastern Nurses Uniting in Human Caring’ provides a beauty-filled, historical and informed overview of both the Jordan Conference as well as the realities of daily living of personal – political struggles in the ancient land – where nurses are gathering to transcend conflicts to sustain caring and professional values that unite and contribute to ‘being Peace’ through Caritas actions with each other and their patients – beyond borders and barriers. Dallas – a masterpiece contribution to this work! Deep gratitude!!

2019 Report from Jordan and Israel Israel and Jordan: Nursing for Mideast Peace – 2014 Jean Watson
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Jean Watson — Founder: WCSI
 Julie Benbenishty — בנבנישתי ג’ולי – Project Coordinator

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