Jean Watson

Nursing Living Legend Jean Watson coming to the UK

Arts Health & Humanity Conference
October 12th & 13th 2018 at The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

30 July, Brighton UK – Dubbed the ‘Rock Star of Nursing,’ Internationally acclaimed nurse theorist and American Academy of Nursing ‘Living Legend’ Professor Jean Watson will be speaking in Brighton at the Arts Health & Humanity Conference. Supported by University of Brighton, and Brighton & Sussex University NHS Hospitals, this conference aims to bring artists and healthcare professionals together to learn from each other.

Hosted by the global non-profit Watson Caring Science Institute, this is a unique opportunity for stimulating discussion and debate with global healthcare leaders and creative artists. International speakers will include the foremost scholars in Caring Science from Denmark, USA, South Africa, Canada, Uruguay and the UK. Artists include acclaimed author Sharon Duggal, ‘choral activist’ Kirsty Martin and SouthEast Dance.

This Arts Health & Humanity conference offers a special opportunity for nurses, students, therapists, artists, health care and community workers, to share, network and learn together.

Kathleen Galvin, Professor of Nursing Practice, University of Brighton explains: “Participants will not only hear from acclaimed healthcare leaders, but they’ll also have a chance to experience the arts as a potential tool to inform their practice, self, and/or system, such as value of poetry, drawing, creative writing, comedy, singing and dance.”

As the nursing profession evolves, so too does our understanding of what caring for humanity involves. “It is a matter of life and death if we don’t return to the source of compassion” said Jean Watson. “Overtime, our systems have treated patients as another ‘task and object,’ instead of human beings. Nursing has a responsibility to preserve and sustain human caring and human dignity, in midst of system and societal threats. Engaging in the arts is an important way to connect with each other on a human level.”

The Arts Health & Humanity Conference will be held October 12th& 13th in Brighton at The Old Ship Hotel and will kick off on the evening of October 11th with a champagne reception at Brighton’s famous Royal Pavilion.

Click here for tickets and more information or contact Julie Watson, mob: +44(0)7500965757.

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