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Samuel Merritt University recognized as Academic Affiliate™ of Watson Caring Science Institute

Boulder, CO – June 2019 – Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Dr. Jean Watson are proud to announce Samuel Merritt University (SMU), Oakland, California has been named a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate™ — the second only academic system to achieve formal affiliation of The Watson Caring Science Institute.

The designation recognizes Samuel Merritt University’s exemplary integration of caring theory and leadership commitment to offer informed Caring Science curriculum to their nursing students. Samuel Merritt University joins The College of New Rochelle, New York to become the second academic institution to have ever received the prestigious ‘National Caring Science Affiliate™’ recognition status.

Paulina Van, PhD, RN, CNE, Professor and Chair, RN to BSN Program, commented “Our RN to BSN team of faculty and staff are humbled and inspired by Samuel Merritt University’s designation as a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate™. Caring Science theoretical perspectives have been used as context and the foundation to transform the clinical practice and leadership performance of our scholars in various settings and at myriad stages in their respective careers.”

Caring Science and WCSI Affiliation contributes to the wider Samuel Merritt University learning outcomes. Van explains “Our graduates reported being transformed in ways in which their impact on care, policy, and the caring environment exceeded their expectations.”

Transformative Teaching and Learning

Samuel Merritt University has shown their commitment towards authentic, deep-rooted and sustainable Caring Science teaching and learning. Partnering with another WCSI Affiliate, Kaiser Foundation Hospital of Northern California, SMU designed a new RN to BSN program grounded in Unitary Caring Science (UCS). The program begins with a MBSR course that serves as an experiential introduction to UCS. Faculty are well-grounded in UCS – five are WCSI trained Caritas Coaches®, three HeartMath© trainers and a postdoctoral immersion in UCS. The core values of UCS drive the program’s goals and lend to the healing-teaching-learning environment.

Audrey Berman, PhD, RN, Professor and Dean, School of Nursing SMU commented, “The faculty and students in this program have consistently reported the amazing, positive influence of Unitary Caring Science framework on their learning and their personal and professional lives. In addition, the influence has spread into our other nursing programs and those faculty are beginning to plan how to integrate UCS concepts in their curricula and everyday practices. The recognition from WCSI will serve to provide additional motivation for ongoing and enhanced connections.”

Jean Watson, Founder and Director of WCSI said: “I am honored and delighted to formalize the invitation for Samuel Merritt University RN2BS Nursing program to be nationally recognized and identified as one of the Inaugural National Caring Science Academic Affiliates of Watson Caring Science Institute. I am impressed and inspired by the nature and depth of caring science curriculum at Samuel Merritt University. It will be a privilege to have their program join others pioneering the future for nursing education for a new era upon us all”.

To Become An Affiliate

To become a National Caring Science System™, Samuel Merritt University demonstrated to WCSI the authentically, deep-rooted and sustainable commitment to integrating Caring Science to transform and broaden whole person health and healing in its curriculum and culture. The university joins ten other National WCSI Affiliate Hospital Systems, and fifteen Global WCSI Associate Systems who have achieved such a recognition.

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The 2019 Unitek Learning Nursing Symposium – Building Strong Partnerships

In Boise, leaders in healthcare and education gathered to support the nursing profession at Unitek’s Symposium


Article from PRWeb
Written by: Andy Nydegger, RN, MSN Ed, CNE

The success of nursing education requires a strong partnership between academia, healthcare, and practice. Unitek Learning sought to build a bridge between these integral elements by hosting the 2019 Nursing Symposium in Boise, Idaho. In addition to strengthening partnerships, the event honored healthcare professionals and celebrated National Nursing Week. The Nursing Symposium, which was held on May 7, 2019, at the picturesque Grove Hotel in Downtown Boise, also addressed the dire need for Idaho nurses.

Various professionals and esteemed guests attended this multifaceted event. Unitek Learning and the offices of Senator Fred Martin of Idaho’s 15th District awarded hospital, healthcare, and nursing education leaders for their dedication to quality patient care in the state of Idaho. Keynote speakers and expert panelists also discussed the future of the state’s healthcare.

In 2018, the Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing (IALN) released the Nursing Workforce Biennial Report, which stressed the importance of change within Idaho’s nursing education system. The population of Idaho is expected to increase to about 1.9 million residents by 2025, but a severe nursing shortage is also expected to start as early as 2020. In order to meet this challenge, the report called for a minimum of 400 additional nursing graduates on a yearly basis. The Nursing Workforce Biennial Report was a critical topic of discussion at Unitek’s Symposium.

The event began with a warm welcome from Ms. Janis Paulson and Dr. Abdel Yosef, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Academic Officer at Unitek Learning. Nurse theorist Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL (AAN), Distinguished Professor and Founder/Director of Watson Caring Science Institute, also provided guests with a welcome presentation. The forum featured two keynote speakers: Dr. Randall Hudspeth, PhD, APRN-CNP, FRE, FAANP – Executive Director of the Idaho Center for Nursing, and Senator Fred S. Martin, District 15, Boise, Idaho – Idaho State Health and Welfare Senate Chair. Their inspirational words set the stage for engaging discussion between academic and healthcare professionals.

The Nursing Symposium featured distinguished panelists who are experts in their field, including Kevin K. McEwan, MSN, RN, NEA-BC – Chief Nursing Officer at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho; Michael McGrane, RN, MSN – Representative for Nurse Leaders of Idaho and American Nurses Association Idaho as a lobbyist with the Idaho Legislature; Dr. Susan Odom, PhD, RN, CCRN, FRE – Associate Executive Director of the Idaho Board of Nursing and the Interim Executive Director; Jynae Clapper, RN, MSN, CRRN – Director of Nursing Operations at St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Boise, Idaho. They were joined by Dr. Randall Hudspeth during the panel discussion.

Some esteemed guests included employees of Boise VA Medical Center, the Idaho Board of Nursing, Idaho State Senate Office, Madison Memorial Hospital, St. Luke’s Health System, and Vibra Hospital, along with more than 20 other Boise and Eastern Idaho community agencies and medical facilities.

Ultimately, the 2019 Idaho Nursing Symposium strove to increase awareness and encourage change. As stated by the Nursing Workforce Biennial Report, Idaho will likely experience a significant population increase, particularly with individuals over the age of 55, who will need greater access to healthcare services. At the same time, the report found that more than one-third of working nurses are over the age of 55. Additionally, for every available nursing student school seat, there are 7-10 applicants. “Unitek Learning is committed to partnering with the community to help meet the nursing shortage and prepare safe and competent nurses,” said Janis Paulson, Chief Executive Officer at Unitek Learning.

“As a first step, Unitek’s 2019 Nursing Symposium presented an opportunity to engage in a discussion with professionals from academia and practice,” said Dr. Abdel Yosef, Chief Academic Officer at Unitek Learning. “This dialogue is needed as early as possible to shape the Unitek nursing program so that it can meet the local community and healthcare needs in the state of Idaho.”

Unitek Learning is the parent company of several distinguished learning institutions: Unitek College, Unitek EMT, Eagle Gate College, and Provo College. They are now expanding their presence to proposed locations in Idaho. Taught by experienced professionals, Unitek programs teach clinical practices and theory used in the field today. Equipped with a multitude of sought-after skills, Unitek graduates are prepared to excel in many of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare and nursing.

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Watson Caring Science Institute announces two scholarship opportunities

April 2019

Boulder, CO – Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) Board of Directors announced two separate Scholarships will be offered annually to selected applicants: The John Matthew Kertland V Scholarship – for applicants accepted in the Caritas Coach Educational Program®; and The Watson Caring Science Scholarship – a general fund.

The Scholarships have been created to remove financial barriers and to encourage advancement of Caring Science. The Scholarships symbolize WCSI Founder and Director Jean Watson’s lifelong commitment to Caring Science education and the promotion of the understanding of caring for self/others and the planet.

The John Matthew Kertland V Scholarship was created in memory of John Matthew Kertland V, whose loving wife Grissel Hernandez, a Caring Science Scholar, Caritas Coach®, and faculty of WCSI helped to establish this fund. The purpose of this Scholarship is to financially support applicants for The WCSI Caritas Coach Education Program.

The Watson Caring Science Scholarship was established to enable selected applicants to deepen their understanding of Caring Science and contribute to the Legacy of scholarly and/or participatory activities based on Watson’s theory of Caring Science. The purpose of this Scholarship is to financially support applicants in participating in a Watson Caring Science sponsored or endorsed program, conference or event.

The Scholarships of up to $1,000 per individual are funded by generous gifts from individuals, WCSI general funds, and a percentage of our Caring Store sales. Please consider donating to help expand the field of Caring Science. All donations are tax deductible.

For further information: or to find out how you can donate:

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Healthcare interprofessional team members’ perspectives on human caring: A directed content analysis study

January 22, 2019

Article published in the International Journal of Nursing Sciences
Holly Wei, Jean Watson

As Watson’s Human Caring Theory continues to evolve and guide the discipline of nursing, the challenge is to find ways to integrate it into practice. The purpose of this study is to describe interprofessional team members’ perspectives on human caring based on the Ten Caritas Processes®/Caritas-Veritas Literacy of Watson’s Human Caring Theory within the Unitary Caring Science.

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First Academic System Announced as a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate™

December 2018Boulder, CO – Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Dr. Jean Watson are proud to announce The College of New Rochelle (CNR), New York, has been named a National Watson Caring Science Academic Affiliate™- the very first academic system to achieve formal affiliation of The Watson Caring Science Institute.

The designation recognizes The College of New Rochelle’s exemplary integration of caring theory and leadership commitment to offer informed Caring Science curriculum to their nursing students. The College of New Rochelle is the very first academic institution to have ever received the prestigious ‘National Caring Science Affiliate™’ recognition status.

Debra A. Simons, Ph.D., R.N. Dean, School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions at The College of New Rochelle and Fellow, New York Academy of Medicine, said: “It’s a supreme privilege to have received recognition as an inaugural National Caring Science Academic Affiliate System!™ This is truly transformative in our dearly beloved profession. By integrating the WCSI ethos of Caring Science into everything we do shows we are committed to providing an outstanding learning environment for students, staff and community.”

Jean Watson, Founder and Director of WCSI said: “CNR is the oldest academic institution with such leadership, success, history and standards with its holistic caring curriculum. For the future of nursing education, we need to have leadership schools such as CNR held up as national exemplars for nursing education now and the future.

The College of New Rochelle has shown their commitment towards authentic, deep-rooted and sustainable Caring Science teaching and learning. To become a National Caring Science System™, The College of New Rochelle demonstrated to WCSI the authentically, deep-rooted and sustainable commitment to integrating Caring Science to transform and broaden whole person health and healing in its curriculum and culture.

The school joins thirteen other National WCSI Affiliate Hospital Systems, and eight Global WCSI Associate Systems who have achieved such a recognition.


About Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI)

The WSCI is an international non-profit organization that advances the philosophies, theories and practices of Human Caring/Caring Science. It was founded by Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, who serves as founder and director. Focusing on research, education, praxis and legacy, the institute aims to widen the development and understanding of Caring Science to inform our notion of quality care and healing environments. Currently there are over 400 hospitals throughout the USA with many other partner Healthcare systems globally using the WCSI theory. There are now over 350 WCSI trained practitioner leaders or ‘Caritas Coaches’ throughout the world. Texts on Watson’s theory of caring is taught in Universities worldwide and translated into over 7 languages.

To become a National Caring Science System™ of WCSI, an organization must demonstrate specific criteria related to authentic human caring-healing practices for its whole community.

About Jean Watson

Jean Watson is a Distinguished Professor Emerita and Dean Emerita of the University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing, where she held the Endowed Chair in Caring Science at the University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center. for 16 years.  She is the founder of the original Center for Human Caring in Colorado’ the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the National Fetzer Institute Norman Cousins Award, an International Kellogg Fellowship in Australia, a Fulbright Research and Lecture Award in Sweden, and 14 honorary doctorate degrees. Watson is the author of more than 100 publications in Caring Science and of more than 30 books on the Science of Human Caring™, including the classic: Nursing. The Philosophy and Science of Caring which identifies the 10 core “Caritas Processes®’ – universals of human caring, necessary for studying and implementing a model of Caring Science in practice. This work restores the deep-spiritual dimensions of Love with caring-healing as the foundation for preparing a new level of practitioners in Caring Science/Caritas HealthCare.

Dr. Watson was designated a Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing, its highest honor.

About The College of New Rochelle, New York

The College of New Rochelle School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions offers a rigorous academic program specializing in extensive professional preparation and a compassionate approach to patient care that is inspired by CNR’s Ursuline heritage. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing for students of all backgrounds, including traditional and transfer students, those looking to change careers, and RNs seeking to advance their education. Students and their experienced faculty share a deep commitment to holistic healing based on empathy, altruism, and leading-edge nursing skills.

Discover more here.

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Press Ganey Collaborates with WCSI; enables Press Ganey clients to integrate Watson’s caring questions into patient feedback

Boston, October 24, 2018 Press Ganey today announced that it has entered into a collaboration with Jean Watson of Watson Caring Science Institute to offer the Watson Caritas Patient Score® (WCPS) as optional questions to Press Ganey clients.

With a shared commitment to nursing excellence, Press Ganey and the Watson Caring Science Institute will provide health care organizations with expanded measurement capabilities that can assess caring practices at the bedside to strengthen the patient–nurse relationship.

“Throughout her distinguished career in nursing, Jean Watson has been devoted to advancing the practice of compassionate human caring,” said Christy Dempsey, Press Ganey Chief Nursing Officer. “Her groundbreaking work in understanding, measuring and supporting caring behaviors adds another critical dimension to Press Ganey’s commitment to supporting nursing and patient care excellence.”

In addition, the two organizations will jointly develop research to further understand the connection between caring science and the delivery of safe, high quality, patient-centered care. “The nurse–patient relationship has a profound impact on the patient care experience,” said Jean Watson, PhD, founder and director, Watson Caring Science Institute. “By combining the practices of human caring with Press Ganey’s principles of Compassionate Connected Care™, we can continue to advance the industry toward optimal nursing practices.”

About Press Ganey Press Ganey pioneered the health care performance improvement movement more than 30 years ago. Today, Press Ganey offers an integrated suite of solutions that enable enterprise transformation across the patient journey. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address safety, clinical excellence, patient experience and workforce engagement. The company works with more than 33,000 health care facilities in its mission to reduce patient suffering and enhance caregiver resilience to improve the overall safety, quality and experience of care.

Press Ganey Media Contact:

MSLGROUP Jon Siegal, 781-684-0770

About Watson Caring Science Institute Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) is an international nonprofit organization created to advance the philosophies, theories and practices of human caring. The theory and science of human caring seeks to restore the profound nature of caring-healing, and bring the ethic and ethos of love back into health care. WCSI is dedicated to help the current health care system retain its most precious resource—competent, caring professional nurses—while preparing a new generation of health professionals in a broader model of Caring Science.

WCSI Media Conact: Julie: 303-546-7970;

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Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital, Recognized as a National Watson Caring Science Affiliate System™

September 2018

Boulder, CO – Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI) and Dr. Jean Watson are proud to announce the Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital (LPSCH), California, has been named a National Watson Caring Science System™.

The designation recognizes Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital’s exemplary integration of caring theory and leadership commitment to offer informed Caring Science practices, to their patients and their families.

Kelly M. Johnson, RN, PhD, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer and vice president of patient care services at Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital  stated: “We are delighted to be recognized as a WCSI National Caring Science System™. Integrating the WCSI ethos of Caring Science into professional nursing practice and the care environment exemplifies the commitment of LPSCH professional nursing to provide evidence-based practice and to promote a caring and healing environment for patients and families to receive care and for nurses to work”.

Jean Watson, Founder and Director of WCSI said: “Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital has shown their commitment towards authentic, deep-rooted and sustainable Caring Science. We are thrilled to welcome the organization as a National Caring Science System™ to further develop the emerging field of Caring Science.”

To become a National Caring Science System™, Lucile Packard Stanford Children’s Hospital demonstrated to WCSI the authentically, deep-rooted and sustainable commitment to integrating Caring Science to transform and broaden whole person health and healing for its staff, patients, families and the surrounding community.

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Contributions of Jean Watson’s theory to holistic critical thinking of nurses

August 31, 2018

Editorial published in The Brazilian Journal of Nursing (Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem – REBEn)

Riegel F, Crossetti MGO, Siqueira DS. Contributions of Jean Watson’s theory to holistic critical thinking of nurses.
Rev Bras Enferm [Internet]. 2018;71(4):2072-6. DOI:

Jean Watson’s theory is based on the humanistic aspects and on the ethical and spiritual dimensions of care, considering the characteristics of each individual and their bio-psycho-spiritual-social needs, which can contribute fundamentally to the development of holistic critical thinking and to the role of the nurse in care, teaching and research fields.

Article available in English & Portuguese.

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Jean Watson joins advisory team for Florence Nightingale feature film project

We’re delighted to announce that Dr. Jean Watson is serving as an advisor to the upcoming film project about the extraordinary and pioneering vision of Florence Nightingale.

Legacy of Light: The Movie — is set to be a biopic feature film projected for global release during Florence Nightingale’ 2020 Bicentenary Year

In preparation for the 2020 Bicentenary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, the Legacy of Light media package is dedicated to portraying vivid stories and opportunities to connect the ongoing relevance of Nightingale’s life, work and insights to our times.

Nightengale’s commitment to caring changed the course of human history, reshaped healthcare, and enabled people worldwide to live healthier lives.

The project is currently at the early stages of production and fundraising.

For more information, or to get involved please visit:

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Nursing Living Legend Jean Watson coming to the UK

Arts Health & Humanity Conference
October 12th & 13th 2018 at The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

30 July, Brighton UK – Dubbed the ‘Rock Star of Nursing,’ Internationally acclaimed nurse theorist and American Academy of Nursing ‘Living Legend’ Professor Jean Watson will be speaking in Brighton at the Arts Health & Humanity Conference. Supported by University of Brighton, and Brighton & Sussex University NHS Hospitals, this conference aims to bring artists and healthcare professionals together to learn from each other.

Hosted by the global non-profit Watson Caring Science Institute, this is a unique opportunity for stimulating discussion and debate with global healthcare leaders and creative artists. International speakers will include the foremost scholars in Caring Science from Denmark, USA, South Africa, Canada, Uruguay and the UK. Artists include acclaimed author Sharon Duggal, ‘choral activist’ Kirsty Martin and SouthEast Dance.

This Arts Health & Humanity conference offers a special opportunity for nurses, students, therapists, artists, health care and community workers, to share, network and learn together.

Kathleen Galvin, Professor of Nursing Practice, University of Brighton explains: “Participants will not only hear from acclaimed healthcare leaders, but they’ll also have a chance to experience the arts as a potential tool to inform their practice, self, and/or system, such as value of poetry, drawing, creative writing, comedy, singing and dance.”

As the nursing profession evolves, so too does our understanding of what caring for humanity involves. “It is a matter of life and death if we don’t return to the source of compassion” said Jean Watson. “Overtime, our systems have treated patients as another ‘task and object,’ instead of human beings. Nursing has a responsibility to preserve and sustain human caring and human dignity, in midst of system and societal threats. Engaging in the arts is an important way to connect with each other on a human level.”

The Arts Health & Humanity Conference will be held October 12th& 13th in Brighton at The Old Ship Hotel and will kick off on the evening of October 11th with a champagne reception at Brighton’s famous Royal Pavilion.

Click here for tickets and more information or contact Julie Watson, mob: +44(0)7500965757.

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Lee honored for compassionate care

Kyla Lee, MD, FACP, Gundersen Palliative Care, Hospice and Internal Medicine, recently received the prestigious Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation after a nomination by one of her students and a vote by Gold Honor Society class of 2018 medical students.

Dr. Lee is co-director of Gundersen Medical Student Programs, block director for Acute Care, and attending physician on the Palliative Care hospitalist team. “This is such an honor. I am so deeply touched by my students’ commitment and drive to change medicine for the better as they enter the profession,” Dr. Lee says. “Studies show those who learn empathy and compassion as students keep it as physicians. This award reflects how I am inspired daily by my amazing co-workers at Gundersen and the work of the Caritas team here. I attribute it to our culture of ‘Love and Medicine.’ It keeps me growing personally and professionally, and it allows me to provide meaningful, compassionate care to our patients and their families.”

More than 100 medical schools nationwide, including the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, participate in this award, which recognizes a graduating medical student and a faculty member who model compassionate professional standards. Annie Stumpf, MD, who was also honored by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, nominated Dr. Lee as an outstanding faculty member. “Dr. Lee’s commitment to and passion for her patients pushed me forward and spurred me to reach higher during my rotation with her,” Dr. Stumpf shares. “She is an incredible teacher, and teaches by example. She sets the bar high.”

Published in Bridges, Gundersen Health System‘s weekly news publication, July 25, 2018.

Gundersen Health System is a National WCSI Affiliate.

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#ResearchersMatter: Queer Birthing Stories

Dr. Lisa Goldberg, an associate professor in the School of Nursing at Dalhousie University and Caritas Coach® discusses her research project “Birthing Relationships and Rural Health Practices: The Experiences of Queer Women and Their Perinatal Care Providers.” #ResearchersMatter is a campaign highlighting the work of NSHRF funded researchers.

For more #ResearchersMatter stories visit:

You can learn more about Dr. Goldberg’s work at:

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The importance of Caring Science in healthcare and beyond

Kathleen Sitzman, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN presents her recent Caring Science service work at UMA (Universidad Maria Auxiliadora) in Lima, Peru, June 2018. Kathleen is a Professor at East Carolina University in the College of Nursing, a Watson Caring Science Scholar and WCSI Faculty Associate. She has co-authored four books and published over a hundred peer reviewed articles and 10 national studies related to various aspects of Caring Science in nursing. Her primary focus is to describe and promote deliberative caring in nursing and beyond. She also teaches a free MOOC course: ‘Mindful Practice, Caring Science,’ an introduction to Watson’s Caring Science.

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Research Study for Caritas Coaches®, Nurse Leaders & Scholars

WCSI Caritas Coaches®, Nurse Leaders and Scholars, please consider participating in the research study, The relationship between the practice environment (patient experience/patient quality outcomes and nurse satisfaction) in healthcare organizations and a professional practice framework informed by nursing theory /nursing science. The research was approved by FAU IRB. The purpose of the study is to collect quantitative data related to hospital, CNO, nursing staff and patient data characteristics in hospitals.

The only procedure involved in this research study is completion of the survey link below:

It should take no more than 30-45 minutes to complete the survey. If you need to stop the survey and come back to it later your entered data will be saved. All requested data is non-PHI data, and your name will not be linked to the survey responses. You are free to skip any question if you are not comfortable sharing the results. Your participation in the study is voluntary.

The risks associated with this study are minimal and you may benefit from having the opportunity to review and present your own hospital data in an organized manner.

An additional benefit is the contribution to nursing knowledge related to nurse, patient, and system outcomes in hospitals.

If you experience problems or have questions regarding your rights as a research subject contact the Florida Atlantic University Division of Research at 561-297-1383. For other questions about the study please call the principal investigator (Dr. Marian Turkel) at 561-297-3264.

By completing the survey you give consent to participate in this study. If you choose, you can print a copy of this page for your personal records.

The second part of our research study involves a telephone interview or an in-person interview (approximately 30-60 minutes) with the Chief Nursing Officer or designee regarding use of a nursing theoretical framework to guide professional nursing practice. We want to explore this issue in more detail and welcome your thoughts, impressions, and opinions related to using or not using a designated nursing theory or theories to guide professional nursing practice in your setting. We welcome your thoughts and opinions on this subject.

Please e-mail if you are willing to participate in this interview.

Marian Turkel, RN, PhD, NEA-BC, FAAN
Associate Professor
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road Room 334
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone 561-297-3264
Fax 561-297-2416